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Name giving Ceremonies

What could be a more joyous occasion than welcoming a new baby or chid? A name giving ceremony introduces your child to family, friends and the community. It can include God parents, sponsors and any other siblings or grandparents in various roles- it is your ceremony and will be designed to incorporate the traditions and people that you hold dear.


Birthdays, particularly special ones such as a twenty-first or those wonderful zero milestones, are momentous occasions to spend with family and friends. Allow me to help you with speeches, perhaps renewing vows, making a presentation or other ways of making your/their day extra special!

Special Events

Promotions , Presentations, Graduation, Bon Voyage or Welcome Home, Retirement or Engagement...

all of these events can be made memorable by the inclusion of specially selected or written poetry, readings, speeches or blessings that add to the pomp and ceremony of the occasion.